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Questions Seniors Should Ask: Do I Want To, or Do I Feel I Have To Move?

Questions Seniors Should Ask: Do I Want To, or Do I elderly_man_holding_a_custom_text_sign_12871(1)Feel I Have To Move?

In case You have not asked yourself please allow me to ask you the question : Do you WANT to, or do you feel you HAVE To Move?

Certainly the; Do you WANT to, or feel you HAVE To Move question is asked every time we meet with seniors or their loved ones in one form or another when we discuss their reasons for considering their move.

Your answer to this question is very important in which options are available for you and what resources are most suitable to your needs. In most cases, there are only 2 broad reasons that seniors consider a move:

  1. The Seniors WANTS to move to be closer to family, shopping, services, amenities and or to downsize.
  2. The Seniors HAVE to move due to health, financial, or other compelling reasons.

Do others put pressure on you to move for their reasons or are the intentions to urge you to move genuine?

The reasons and logic to make these decisions are commonly offered with complete lack of emotional and sensitivity to your personal wishes even if those urging you one way or another may feel they are having your best interests in mind.

So dear Seniors this question is just for you…..Let’s Return to the Original Question while looking in the Mirror….looking_in_mirror_successful_1600_clr_5648

Do I Want To, or Do I Feel I Have To Move?

Nobody can predict or anticipate when is the right time for you to move, however one of the most common statements we hear too often (unfortunately) is “we should have moved sooner”.

We also hear from time to time that Seniors feel they “have to move, but don’t really want to move” because the kids want them too, and although your kids may have compelling reasons for their suggestions.

Their wants, may not be yours (right now) even though their reasons are sincere and intended to protect your safety, health and well being.

Certainly your real estate agent should not be telling you what to do or when to move, regardless how we would put it, you would rightfully be suspicious of our motives. 

So we wanted to share a simple yet effective tool with you, that may help you with the timing and decision just in case you're not sure whether to move or not.

clipboard_with_a_checkmark_1600_clr_8569In the form of a short self evaluating checklist we believe that you find some of the answers and direction to make your own decisions.

Please ask me for a copy of my exclusive Age in Place Safely Checklist. I hope that this checklist, which is entirely confidential and for your personal use, will assist you in determining if and or when is right time to decide to move on your terms.

Finding out the broad reason for considering a potential move may be illuminating for you and will allow me to help you the best I can with all your options. Questions Seniors Should Ask: Do I Want To or Feel I Have To Move? Request our : Age in Place Safely Checklist.




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