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What is Life Mapping and How is your Life Mapped?

What is Life Mapping and How is your Life Mapped?  

Life Mapping Is the concept of; creating, following, adjusting, re-creating and completing a “road map” for the goals, dreams, plans, priorities and of objectives you set out for the journey of your life….                                 Life Mapping  

Just like any “Road Trip” Life Mapping is a common sense approach to setting out a plan to get from A to Z, in the best possible way in the shortest possible time.  

Using a whole life approach to your Life Map, rather than one aspect (business, fitness, health etc.) will ensure that you give your Life Map the balance.   Family, Mind, Body, Spirit, Finances, Relationships, Community, Legacy, are likely the key areas to incorporate in your Life Map, and you can get as focussed and specific as you want or need to be.  

Starting with outlining your “starting point” and ultimate objectives and “destination” for each of your life maps written down in a spiral bound notebook (allow 15-20 pages space for each part of your life map).

Next Determine and Write Down the time line of how long you need (in context of all your other life maps) to complete the journey for each Life Map (mini trip). From then on reverse engineer each of the mini trip life maps into manageable steps, activities, investments, commitments that you eventually can break down into daily and even hourly activities.

With each and every mini trip life map ask your self:

  • What do I need to Do
  • What do I need to Know
  • What do I need to Have
  • Who Can Help Me Get There
  • How Much Time It take to get it Done.

Meeting with a Coach / Consultant to work towards developing your Life Map is a great start. Holding yourself and your progress accountable with weekly consultation will ensure that you are on the road to reaching all your destinations in a timely way.

Life Mapping; How Can I Help You Get There From Here?





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Wise words, Peter...I think this kind of specific and updatable journaling would be valid in any enterprise.

Posted by Li Read, Caring expertise...knowledge for you! (Sea to Sky Premier Properties (Salt Spring)) about 7 years ago