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If You Don’t Have a Real Estate Assistant, You Are One!

If You Don’t Have a Real Estate Assistant, You Are One!

Real Estate Assistant Training Many of us in real estate (and many other small businesses) have heard the above catch phrase;

So Let me ask you :

Who Is Doing Your Real Estate Assistant’s Work?

Although the “If You Don’t Have a Real Estate Assistant, You Are One!” statement is very true, it is also much easier to make the statement than to find, hire, and work with a Real Estate Assistant Successfully…

Some of the statements about how hard it is to work with a Real Estate Assistant we hear so often are……

  • I need a Real Estate Assistant to organize (fix) me, or I had an Assistant, but he/she did not fix anything, or,
  • I have tried to work with a Real Estate Assistant before, but had to baby sit the assistant all the time, or,
  • I had a Real Estate Assistant, who left me to become/ work for a competitor after I trained him/her, or,
  • When I make more money, I’ll hire a Real Estate Assistant, or,
  • I Don’t have Time to Train a Real Estate Assistant, or it takes to long to train an assistant, etc..

Knowing that about 40% to 50% of the essential work required to succeed in real estate can be performed by unlicensed assistants, and when implemented correctly working with an assistant will not only make complete financial sense, it will also improve the quality of life for all, as well offer the opportunity to eventually “sell the business” in some form, much easier.

SMART-ERSMART-ER (Education for Results) offer a very viable training solution to the essential Real Estate Assistant Essential Skills concerns for aspiring, new and inexperienced Real Estate Assistants, with a Canadian Based Live On Line one day a week training starting June 15, 2013 (check here for our next available program) and request a free report called “Six Simple Steps to Working with a Real Estate Assistant”.

So let’s review the activities an unlicensed Real Estate Assistant typically can and can not perform (please check your provincial/state specific requirements).

What Unlicensed Real Estate Assistants CAN DO !

What Unlicensed Real Estate Assistants CAN’T DO!

Serve as an administrative assistant, answering and forwarding telephone calls, emails and texts and scheduling appointments.

Perform any activity for which a real estate license is required.

Locate and collect information that is readily available and where the owner has given permission for the works to be used or the data is in the public domain.

Represent yourself as an licensed member of the real estate industry. (sales person, broker, or otherwise)

Deliver or pick up documentation, packages, property promotional sheets, signs, key boxes or keys, or to take photos. (Make sure vehicles are properly insured for business driving.)

Host open houses, kiosks, or booth’s at any general public access events.

Draft Promotional material.

Solicit, buyers, sellers, investors, landlords, tenants.

Distribute Licensee approved promotional materials, including advertising and flyers.

Present, represent and or negotiate contracts.

Submit documentation and forms, after approval by the licensee.

Discuss or respond to inquiries concerning information relating to a transaction or market conditions.

Collect Showing feedback from licensees.

Negotiate (including commissions, services, terms or conditions)

Schedule appointments for the licensee to show listed properties.

Be the agent’s substitute/replacement while the agent is away for any reason.

Draft factual elements of a contract, documentation, or forms for licensee approval.

Show Homes to prospective buyer, tenants or investors.

Witness Signatures.

Explain or Interpret Contracts.

Manage and maintain transactions, including coordinating affiliate partners.


Manage a licensee’s personal book-keeping


  If working with a Professional Real Estate Assistant (PRA) is something From our Real Estate Agent focussed Training program called “How To Hire The Right Assistant! 90 Days From Me to We.” I have borrowed the following weekly activities for agents to prepare or rededicate themselves to ensuring that you will be working within a highly effective and productive real estate team. Over a period of 90 days (12 weeks) here are the steps that will set you up to (re) create a SMART-ER Real Estate Team;

  • Week 1: Define (in great detail) what your life and business will look like once you have (a) professional real estate assistant(s) working with you.
  • Week 1: Describe (in great detail) exactly what you do, each and every hour of each and every day for this entire week, and keep adding to it over the balance of the 8 following weeks. use key business and personal life categories.
  • Week 2: Collect all your manuals, (Systems, Software, Equipment, Services, Policies etc.); See an Accountant & Lawyer; Research Contracts; Determine Local Pay Scale.
  • Week 3: Detail all the Activities (as described in your first week); Start on an Operational Manual.
  • Week 4: Continue work started during the previous week; Systemize Activities; Complete a Personality Test on yourself;
  • Weeks 5& 6: Create Budgets; Complete Legal Preparations; Finalize Operational Manual, Systems and Applications.
  • Week 7: Complete Detailed Job Descriptions (yours as well as those for your Real Estate Assistant (s).
  • Week 8: Advertise, Find & Select Your Potential Real Estate Assistant.
  • Week 9 – 12: Hire Professional Assistant; Get Assistant Properly Trained, and up and running; Fine Tune Systems & Operations.

So Let me ask you again:

Who Is Doing Your Real Estate Assistant’s Work?

and my next obvious Question:

Are you Happy with Your Answer?

If not, use any of the above links to learn how to run your career more like a real business. Or click the Picture below.

Real Estate Assistant Training




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