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Once again, we are sharing a post by one of our favourite Home Inspectors (sorry to say that Jay is not here in Greater Victoria).

the tips and suggestions Jay makes in his excellent post about following the clues, is all about being aware as to what may be the cause of issues and potential problems in you current home and or the one that you are considering buying.

If you are planning to buy and or sell a property in Greater Victoria Area, please contact Peter and Linda Pfann, and we will provide you with all the best possible clues to avoid any problems with your real estate plans.

Older house, two-story ranch, where on one half the roof was raised, a third floor, with a perpendicular two-story addition, built off of one end.  The house is now L shaped.  The new section has no basement.

Outside there are two AC compressors.  That usually means one system is in the attic, but not always.

System two is speaking to me.  Follow the clues.

Clue #1 -

A tube is sticking out from the fascia under the soffit holding the roof.

The end is very rusty.

It's winter, so the AC system probably has not been used since last fall.

Under a system in the attic is a drip pan.

If the primary condensate line should clog, not uncommon in an attic, and can't discharge, the overflow would go into that drip pan.

The drip pan is usually connected to a drain pipe.

That drain pipe is usually drained outdoors, often over a window so any dripping can be seen.

If water is draining from the drip pan, it indicates that the primary line is clogged and needs attention.

Clue #2 -

Directly under the drain line above is this stain.

That could only be caused by a rusty drip.

And it just might be that said drip has been happening for some time!

A drip pan is not intended to be a long-term reservoir for water.

It is an emergency stop gap.

When water is seen dripping from the overflow tubing, one might want to pay attention to the primary condensate line at that unit!

In this case it appears that no such attention has been paid.

Alas.  That system must be really, really clogged!  And that pan must be really, really rusty!

Clue # 3 -

Once arriving at said attic HVAC system #2, it was apparent that the system was clogged!

And had been for a long time.

This system is only 3 years old.

Sometimes these systems that lay flat are not hooked up properly and either leak or the drain line opening cap is not removed.

And the system leaks entirely into the drip pan.

I don't know what to think about this one, not testing it today, but certainly it does not work and needs attention.

It could be that it has not worked from day one!

And yes, that is Tracpipe servicing the system!

My recommendation:  think logically!  Some things lead to other things.  Some clues are obvious and are easy to follow back to the source of the problem.  But follow!  Or hire a good home inspector.  He likes to follow things like this!



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