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Wood Pellet Stove Chimney - Up Periscope!

Wood Stoves and Pellet Stoves are Very Popular in and around Greater Victoria, so when I came across this Pfunny yet very scary post by one of our favourite Home inspectors I had to share it with our Greater Victoria Readers......

The issues with this particular property were pretty obvious, but often times, it is not so easy to find out how "creative" some well intended Handy Men (or women) go about making "improvements"

Our Motto with Buying a Home..... "If in Doubt Check It Out"

Have a good chuckle reading this great article, and be sure to Talk To Peter or Linda, if you are thinking about buying or selling a Home in or around Greater Victoria BC...


Creativity never ends!  But you never want to hear:  Wood pellet stove chimney - up periscope!

Of all the things to play fast and loose with, wood stove and pellet stove chimneys would not be one of them!

The pellet stove is in a bedroom!

No protection against the wall, no hearth on the floor, kind of jammed into a hallway between the bedroom and house.

It is right in front of a window.

There is nothing, and that is NOTHING, safe about its installation.  Or professional.

The exhaust "chimney" exits out back.

It goes straight through the wall, just behind the small soffit (about 14"), to turn 90 degrees straight up!

It goes up about 12' to turn and exhaust out of what is intended to be a bathroom vent.

Fortunately the bathroom vent is metal!

And, to make it safe, the flap was removed on that vent opening so the heat could simply leave.

The tubing, not made for a wood or pellet stove chimney application, is secured by strapping and screwing it to a 2x4.

That 2x4 is buried in the ground, and screwed to the gutter for its own support.

If this looks familiar, about 10' away on the roof is this dryer vent coming through the roof.

Yes, that's the same guy!

This guy is nothing if he is not consistent!  And consistency counts!

I bet he was fun in chemistry class in high school! 

He surely made for a fun inspection.  And a scared buyer!

She ran away from this house like the Monte Python troop running from the attack rabbit!

My recommendation:  sometimes things in houses are consistent.  But it is probably best to see the consistency fall on the side of professionalism and proper installation, with a permit here and there.




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