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10+1 Signs That It "Might" Be Time To Sell Your Home


10 +1 Signs That It "Might" Be Time To Sell Your Home

Ask Peter and Linda for your Free Copy of this BookIn following of a Famous late night TV Entertainer, who shall remain unnamed, we thought to offer our top ten reasons that is might be time to make a Move.

1. When you first bought your house, you lived in the country. Now that same house is part of the city core.

2. You can't get anything repaired because "they stopped making "those" parts years ago."

3. The swing set in the backyard has sprouted roots.

4. The plumber's phone is on your speed dial, and.......Your phone number is on your plumber's speed dial.

5. You wear a winter coat inside from October till May to keep the hydro bill down.

6. All the children's rooms are now "guest" bedrooms.

7. You haven't visited the other half of the house in six months.

8. You have to move the furniture to see the carpet's original color.

9. Your bathroom is decorated in avocado green -- from the first time it was in style.Be Safe in Your own home, and live in a safe home

10. You can't make any improvements to the exterior of your home without getting approval from the "Board of Historic Monuments."

11. A Trip to the Basement is now something you dread, and avoid as much as possible.

Okay,  we tried to be a little tongue in cheek, and have a little fun with some of the reasons, and we promise to keep our day job and won't try to become entertainers, however if you find  one of the above to touch a nerve and be a little to close to reality.

It may be time to have a chat with your Friends in Real Estate, Contact Peter and Linda Pfann and lets chat about all your options, including ways to stay in your own home, and or review all other options.

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This is a great list!  I can appreciate #9 because so many homes in this area are older than I am and the owners never seemed to get around to updating.

Posted by Bryan Robertson over 9 years ago

Hi Bryan,

thank you for your feedback and comments, we tried to have a little fun with this list more than anything, I am sure with a little extra effort, we could come up with an additional 20 to 30 reasons, that will be a topic for another post......

Posted by Peter Pfann @ eXp Realty Pfanntastic Properties in Victoria, Since 1986., Talk To or Text Peter 250-213-9490 (eXp Realty, Victoria BC over 9 years ago