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Moving To Victoria BC? Water-Views or Water-Front anyone?.. Options Galore !!!

Moving To Victoria BC?  

Victoria, Saanich, Esquimalt, real estate, Moving To VictoriaWater-views or Waterfront anyone?.. 

Options Galore !!!

One of the most common questions we receive from people that are considering Moving to Greater Victoria BC, is....:

"Can we afford a Waterfront or at least a Water-view Home?"
The short answer is "YES, You Can".

Dependent on your budget and specific needs for home size, location etc. waterfront and or water-view homes and properties come in all sizes, shapes, types, prices and locations.

With Prices from as low as $ 40,000 for a 4 bedroom one bathroom 1,132 sqft Manufactured home in a Waterfront Community in Sooke,
to a high end price of $ 19,250,000 for a massive 11,000 sqft Palace on 2 acres in North Saanich, you can be assured that there is a perfect waterfront or water-view options available for you somewhere in our corner of Paradise.

In our Series of information articles about moving to Greater Victoria, we wanted to answer some of the most common real estate related questions for those that are planning to relocate and or retire to Southern Vancouver Island.
The question, if you can afford a waterfront or water-view home and or property is likely a bit more complicated to answer, than by just stating that you can. Why, well for one we have some many different types of waterfront or water-view property in and around Greater Victoria.
to give you some examples:

  1. Ocean Waterfront
    1. West Coast (Sooke, parts of Metchosin, View Royal, Esquimalt, Victoria and Oak Bay),   in  the direction of the Olympics in Washington State, more exposed to the weather, winds and typically a bit cooler then any other waterfront. Very interesting vista's of marine life and ships, mountains, sunsets, lots of fishing.
    2. South Coast (Metchosin, Colwood, View Royal, Esquimalt, Victoria, Oak Bay) in the Direction of  Port Townsend and Oak Harbor  in Washington, slightly more shielded from the winds, and will have a few of the San Juan Islands in the views. Varied vistas of more ships and boating, marine life and some sunrises and sunsets.
    3. East Coast (Oak Bay, Saanich East, Central Saanich, Sidney) in the Direction of the San Juan Islands,  Much more shielded from the prevailing winds, Pretty vista's of sunrises, the islands, a bit more active pleasure boating many small bays. 
    4. North Coast (Sidney and North Saanich) in the direction of  Salt Spring Island, Mayne Island and the Lower Mainland near Vancouver), Relatively protected waters, with many smaller Islands, marina's and on and underwater activities galore.
  2. Ocean Inlet Waterfront
    1. Sooke Basin, A very large inlet near Sooke and East Sooke, with many rural to more urban property options, great water access, relatively shielded, and often a bit more affordable along the Sooke side of the inlet. 
    2. Victoria, Saanich, Esquimalt, real estate, Moving To VictoriaGorge Inlet,  is the natural boundary between Vic West, Victoria, Esquimalt, Saanich West and View Royal and starts at the Inner Harbour and runs all the way to Portage Inlet. Is considered to have some of the prettiest low and medium waterfront properties and vista's with many parks, trails and recreational areas provides a totally different waterfront experience for most. Lots of small boat on water activities, due to the low bridges,  starting with the Selkirk Trestle  large boats are not able to use this inlet past the Bay Street Bridge.
    3. Saanich Inlet, between North Saanich, Central Saanich, Brentwood Bay,  the Highlands Bamberton and Cobble Hill, is one of the most scenic Fjord like inlets with very dramatic vista's small communities like Brentwood Bay, as well as World Famous Butchard Gardens. Much of the Land in this area is used as parks, Native Land, and or very rural properties with only limited low bank water access.
  3. Lake and Riverfront
    1. Elk and Beaver Lake, in Saanich are mostly surrounded by parks, but some waterfront property mostly very desirable rural farm type properties do come to the market from time to time. 
    2. Prospect Lake, is Part of Saanich, View royal and the Highlands, and aside from parks and a golf course, there are number of very nice larger homes and properties in a rural setting.
    3. Florence Lake in Langford is partly in Goldstream Park, but  some waterfront properties include a Manufactured home community, some affordable homes as well as some more exclusive homes.
    4. Langford Lake in you guessed it, Langford is currently seeing a lot of new residential development, mostly water-views, and some waterfront homes do exist near Leigh rd, and along Goldstream ave.
    5. Lastly and a bit further out of town is Shawnigan Lake, a very large lake that is in the community of Shawnigan a very rural area, with many seasonal cabins, some new residential development and have access to one of the most beautiful lakes one can find anywhere, used for all types of boating.

As you can see there are many many different options and choices to consider when you are planning to move to "waterfront and or water-view" property in and around Greater Victoria BC.

To provide you with additional information about the various property types that are either on the waterfront and or have water-views, we have created a number of property searches for your review. the links to the various property types are below, please be aware that these links are being updated daily and only show currently active listings, canceled, sold and or expired listings are automatically removed from the system.

If you have specific wants or needs and would like us to create a more personalized property search for you (even if it is not waterfront or water-views), please email us with your requirements or use this link, and it will be our pleasure to create a customized property search for you that will keep you updated by email (confidentiality assured).

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