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Getting Old Sucks ?

Getting Old Sucks ?

Victoria, Retirement, Seniors, Real EstateEvery day I am in someway reminded that I am getting older.

There are those days you get up and there are pains, in places I did not know one could have pain.....

Then there are days you walk around and look at how great life is when you have a little experience and perspective.

Both Linda and I (Peter Pfann) work with and assist many of our Victoria BC (bound) Real Estate clients that are considered boomers and or more senior clients (and their families).

As such we often see a great diversity of how people cope, deal and thrive with the various stages of life, living and grief. Which caused us to reflect on the topic of aging and in the many ways it can and often does affect life and happiness. We encourage your thoughts and feedback.

Coping With Anger About Aging
They say there are stages of grief.  Some of those stages include denial, depression and acceptance.
But one that many of us experience is anger. 
While we most often associate grief with the emotions when a loved one passes away, we can go through grief about a lot of things. 
People go through grief when their house burns down or when they lose a job or a pet. 

Victoria, Retirement, Seniors, Real EstateAn area of loss that we don’t often lump in with grief causes is the physical decline of aging.
You can detect that you or senior citizens you know are experiencing grief from their loss of youth from comments they make. 
It is common to hear them look back with remorse at lost youth and with the loss of functionality and strength that happens when we age. 
As a senior citizen sees their strength decline and perhaps go through one of the many natural ailments of aging such as arthritis or problems with elimination, it is not uncommon to see a response of anger result from their impatience with these problems.

Nobody asked to get old.
I am sure that if we could put it to a vote, aging would lose the election to continue to be part of our lives. 
As much as senior citizens hate to grow old, your loved ones hate to see it happen to you.  And while you as senior citizen may not see it happen, your family is grieving the loss of the “young mom or dad” as much as you are.

Victoria, Retirement, Seniors, Real EstateThe problem with being angry about growing old is there is nobody to take it out on. 
The result is often we lash out at those closest to us because the frustration with our aging bodies causes our temper to flare up spontan
eously and a loved one or caregiver is the one who is handy to get mad at. 
You know this isn’t fair and when it happens, you are sorry.  So it would be good to find ways to cope with the anger about aging in a productive way.

This kind of coping is necessary so you don’t lash out at the innocent. 
But it is also healthy for you to learn to cope with the aging process because stalling out in the grief process will create tension in your emotional system, which can cause physical problems such as ulcers or problems sleeping. 

So how do we get rid of the anger we naturally feel at seeing our bodies decline?
A wise man once said that we get angry because of a false sense of entitlement. 
It comes when our expectations do not line up with reality.  A false sense of entitlement comes when we come to the conclusion that we do not deserve to get old. 
The best way to confront and put aside that sense of entitlement is to recognize it. 
It seems simplistic to just come out and recognize that everybody grows old and we are not entitled to be exempt from the changes that come with aging. 
But if you can recognize that consciously, it will help take anger out of the loop when you are coping with the affects of aging.

Victoria, Retirement, Seniors, Real EstateResolution of grief comes when our expectations line up with reality. 
The attempt to deny the advance of years is the sole cause of midlife crisis in your younger days and that emotional response to aging can create devastating results as the one in crisis tries to behave as though they are not growing old and make bad decisions based on that concept.

So too, if you can recognize that these problems are the natural result of aging and the best thing to do is to take care of yourself to try to minimize their impact, you will live with a much healthier attitude toward aging. 

Victoria, Retirement, Seniors, Real EstateBy focusing on your diet, your exercise, a wise use of substances and doing all you can to stay rested and emotionally sound, you will see the negative effects of aging become minimized. 
Moreover, you will be a happier person and that shift in your emotions can go a long way toward keeping you young at heart.  And that is the best way to turn back the effects of aging from the inside out.


Victoria, Retirement, Seniors, Real EstateThis Information was provided to you  compliments of Realtors. "Peter and Linda Pfann", in Victoria BC Certified Professional Consultant on Aging (CPCA)®.  CPCAs are committed to providing exceptional service, and have supplemented their professional training by learning about the unique and changing needs of the 50+ population.  Make sure that the professionals serving you have taken the time and made the commitment to learn more about YOU!  To find CPCAs in good standing in your area, go to  or or To Find out how we serve Boomers and Seniors with their real estate plans and needs, please call us at 250-213-9490 or




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It ain't for sissys'.  I do not remember my parents being as aware of their age as my husband and I are.  Maybe it is because we seem to be healthy longer, but still realize the clock is ticking.

Posted by Shirley Soforic (F. C.Tucker co.) over 9 years ago

After watching a couple of guys in their mid70's in give a concert last night in Denver, I've found myself thinking about the aging process today.  (I thought about it so much I wrote a post about it. lol)  Anyway, you make some painfuly true points here.  Although I personally want to try to think young, at a minimum you've reminded me that we all need to be as emphatic as possible to that are depressed over the fact they are aging - whether they be our parents, grandparents or some whiny person in their 20's. 

Posted by Sondra Meyer:, See It. Experience It. Live It. (Star View Real Estate ) over 9 years ago

Hi Shirley,

We love the journey, good days and bad. our parents didn't talk about getting old, they where to busy to worry about it, and by the time my mom was ready to take it easy it was to late......

that clock ticks just as fast now as it did before, but the noise is much louder....


Posted by Peter Pfann @ eXp Realty Pfanntastic Properties in Victoria, Since 1986., Talk To or Text Peter 250-213-9490 (eXp Realty, Victoria BC over 9 years ago

Most days I don't feel the aging until I look in the mirror and get reminded LOL. Not ready to accept it yet that's for sure.

Good post ;).

Posted by Janice Ankrett, Staging Professional (Janice Ankrett Home Staging) over 9 years ago

Hi Sondra,

Hey we saw Elton John last week and he was just Rocking.,

However we are surrounded by lots of people that are truly at an age where there are limitations to what one can do, and to find peace, happiness and fulfillment is sometimes not as easy, yet it will go a long way to enjoy life to the fullest if you can find a way to share and give.

Live a pfanntastic life...

Posted by Peter Pfann @ eXp Realty Pfanntastic Properties in Victoria, Since 1986., Talk To or Text Peter 250-213-9490 (eXp Realty, Victoria BC over 9 years ago

HI Janice,

Mirror on the wall....., I have noticed in and around our house, fewer and fewer of them, it seems to work for Linda.

Thank you for the kind words and comments.

Posted by Peter Pfann @ eXp Realty Pfanntastic Properties in Victoria, Since 1986., Talk To or Text Peter 250-213-9490 (eXp Realty, Victoria BC over 9 years ago

Hi Peter and Linda;

From the Desiderata;

Take kindly the counsel of the years,
gracefully surrendering the things of youth.
Nurture strength of spirit to shield you in sudden misfortune.
But do not distress yourself with dark imaginings.
Many fears are born of fatigue and loneliness.

And besides, getting older sure beats the only other alternative that we know of.

Posted by Malcolm Johnston, Trenton Real Estate (Century 21 Lanthorn Real Estate LTD., Trenton, Ontario) over 9 years ago

Hi Malcolm,

Very nice and profound, thank you for your comments, enjoy your weekend.

Posted by Peter Pfann @ eXp Realty Pfanntastic Properties in Victoria, Since 1986., Talk To or Text Peter 250-213-9490 (eXp Realty, Victoria BC over 9 years ago