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Is Downtown Victoria BC Ready For a Public Market? We think so.....

Victoria Public MarketIs Downtown Victoria BC Ready For a Public Market?    We think so.....

Greater Victoria is such a dynamic and vibrant community that is has always surprised me that we do not have a large centrally located "covered" Public Market.

There are many smaller and very popular community public markets, and they are just awesome to visit, shop and support our local farmers, crafts people and producers of great merchandise of a wide variety. We would never suggest that we need a big public market in order to chase the small local and neighborhood markets away. The closest City to offer a real success story for a large public market is Vancouver with its world famous "Granville Island Public Market".


Street Market in Hilversum Holland

Growing up in Holland, the street versions of the public markets hold many of my fondest memories, french fries (patat) in a cone shaped old newspaper, earning a few guilders with helping with the clean up, playing between the stalls, seeing all the super fresh products, and having the smells, flavors and colors make our mouths water. It still brings smiles to my face.

All over the world public markets have always and will continue to offer local and regional farmers, fishermen, enterpreneurs, trades, artists and small business people an opportunity to offer their products, talents and wares to millions of people everyday.

With all that our Capital Region has to offer, and the already growing support for buying local, the time is ripe for us to find ways to create, participate and support The Victoria Public Market in the next 12 to 24 months.....

Victoria Public Market The Victoria Downtown Public Market Society, is a new (August 2010) organization with a mandate to raise awareness, support and funds to open a year round public market in the downtown core of Victoria.

In order for the Victoria Downtown Public Market Society to really kick off their efforts, they are organizing the "Eat Here Now" Victoria Harvest Fest, on Sunday September 26, 2010 at Centennial Square between 11 am and 4 pm

For sure we will check it out and if possible find ways to offer our support for what we consider to be a positive and innovative way to encourage our local farmers, growers, bakers etc.  Hope to see you all there this Sunday, and at a year round public market in the near future, a long over due service and attraction for Victoria residents and visitors alike.




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