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How To Green the Navy in Esquimalt, BC Canada

Esquimalt Navy Base Green Traffic SuggestionHow To Green the Militairy in Esquimalt, BC  Canada

Okay, Some of you are going to "What are Peter and Linda talking about"

Although we considered the following suggestions,

  •   Using sailing ships,
  • Painting the ships Green
  • Solar power ships andEquipment

We discarded all those as not very practical, affordable or effective.

So what are we talking about......... in

How To Green the Militairy in Esquimalt, BC  Canada?


Let me start off by saying that we have the highest regard and respect for our Military, and each and every service member and all of their support organizations. We are forever grateful to our Military. As some of you know, Peter was born and raised in Holland, and it is very likely that if the Canadian Armed forced had not liberated the Netherlands in 1945, that Peter would not have been born.

This Post is not intended to complain about any Militairy service member or the armed Forces at all, this post is just a suggestion for a shift in mind set, and possibly the implemtation will lead to a mind shift for how our local governments and population as to how we can improve life for everybody without harm or problems to  anyone.....

For those that live, work and travel in and around Greater Victoria, we all know about the daily big traffic congestion points and what causes them. I am also certain that we all would like to find practical and none intrusive solutions to resolve not just polution, traffic, commuting and safety issues.

Building and or improving the roads seems to be not only financially but also politically not the way to resolve any of the problems.

Our suggestion will not be a "one fix cure all problems solution", but we suggest that it will go a long way to resolving many problems and save money for all, save time for all and be a very Green solution, without spending a billion to achieve it (as in the case of the treatment plant plans)

Well the concept is pretty simple really, let me show you a picture of the concept, and I am sure that you get my drift the moment you see it.

The Picture below shows  at (A), Belmont Park in Colwood BC, which is where a substantial number of the Military Housing is located and (B.) the Base in Esquimalt at the end of Esquimalt Rd.

Just by looking at the blue line you can see that currently everybody living in the Western Communities (Sooke, Metchosin, Colwood, Langford, even View Royal and the Malahat) are now commuting more or less following the blue lines to get to the Base.

Using the roads means traveling a substantially longer distance than they would need to if there was a regular Jetty (ferry) service (the orange line) between DND property at the end of Wilfret Rd. and various points of destination at the Base.

Now I am guessing that the Navy has a few ships that could easily be used for this service, and I am also thinking that the implementation of this idea could be tested for a little while to see how to best implement a fully deployed program.

This Suggestion could be , when implemented, be an absolute win win win for every resident in and around Victoria, The Military, the Military staff and members, traffic flows, ICBC, the various police and emergency departments etc etc.


Esquimalt Navy Base Green Traffic Suggestion

Again we want to make sure we do not offend anybody in the armed forces, this is a suggestion going forward in solving a whole bunch of traffic, polution and quality of life challenges that we all are facing.

Who knows, if and when this system works, Our next suggestion would be that we possibly implement a similar program for all other commuters with a Ferry service  between say Albert Head or the Lagoon Area and Downtown Victoria (pedestrian and small vehicles like bikes, scooters etc.) but that is a post for a different day....

Greening our Society and solving a number of traffic issues all at the same time, all over Greater Victoria BC, we can do it, without costing Billions or creating problems for everybody




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