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Help us decide if we should come to NAR in New Oreans this year, please.

HI There,

Although it is a little in the future, just wondering how many of you are planning to go to the  NAR Convention later this year in New Orleans.

We have plans to go, but for some reason have not actually made the reservations or book any flights. Being undecided this year has a bit to do with not knowing the area, it is a bit harder to get to for us than usual, and so far we are not too excited about the speaker line up

We where in San Diego last year, loved it, Orlando the year before, ( a bit more doom and gloom than what we hoped for, but great parties) Las Vegas the year before was cool and we got married at the same time, and yes we are still married and loving every minute of it.

In the past we went to make connections, to learn and to stay in touch with the industry, new directions and innovation, but for some reason I can not get excited about this year information and destination yet.

Now keep in mind we are a Canadian couple and live and work out of the west coast for Canada (Victoria BC),  so my questions to you are, as follows:

Why should we go to the  NAR convention this year?

Are you going?

Why are you going?

If you are not going, Why not?

new Orleans Convention centre








Please take a minute and let us know what your suggestions and thoughts are about this your Convention, should we go or not?


Thanks a bunch




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I live in Louisiana so I am a bit biased. New Orleans is an amazing city that should be on everyone's bucket list. In this city the Spanish, french, Italian, American, and Cajun cultures all collided and mixed for 300 years. You will see things in New Orleans that you won't see anywhere else.

For the south, New Orleans has a nice public transportation system. The street cars are clean and pretty cheap to boot. While oppressive in the summer, the weather in November will be perfect. Think 70 degrees and sunny!

Sunday I am going to the city for a couple of days with an old college buddy. When I return I will post a blog with some of the highlights.

Posted by Doug Rogers, Your Alexandria Louisiana Agent (Bayou Properties) about 10 years ago

HI Doug and Michael,

Thanks for responding...

I like all the technology, the exhibits and fun stuff as well, but and other than looking at I - Pads, I do not expect much news either, but the culture, music and history does appeal to me too.

Sorry guys, if anything so far I am more torn than before, but thanks for posting, i will keep an eye and hopefully others will follow your lead and comments.

Posted by Peter Pfann @ eXp Realty Pfanntastic Properties in Victoria, Since 1986., Talk To or Text Peter 250-213-9490 (eXp Realty, Victoria BC about 10 years ago