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Maturity Matters, Newsletter for Boomers & Seniors in Victoria, January 2012

Maturity Matters, Newsletter for Boomers & Seniors in Victoria, January 2012

Every Month, in cooperation with our affiliation as Certified Professional Consultant on Aging, we Peter Pfann Is a CPCApublish and distribute a Newsletter Called "Maturity Matters".
Our Maturity Matters Newsletter offers Pfanntastic information and resources for Boomers, Seniors in and around Greater Victoria and those that love and care for them.

Maturity Matters newsletter, for Seniors and Boomers for Greater VictoriaPlease use the links in this article to take full advantage of the Aging Friendly Information we have compiled for you.

We hope you enjoy the newsletters, and encourage your comments, thoughts, questions and feedback to Peter and Linda Pfann


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At the above link you will find all the back issues of our Maturity Matters Newsletters as well as many other resources focused on Life, Living and Real Estate in Greater Victoria for Seniors and Boomers and those that care for our elderly.

Maturity Matters To Victoria Feature Article:

Financing Your Retirement

One of the “funnies” my friend forwarded to me the other day by email was a website that can forecast my life expectancy if I plug in the relevant details. I figured why not? I uploaded the requested data and the answer was 101.5 years!  Well, I am in my early seventies in pretty good shape and look after myself, my mom died at 96, statistics claim centenarians are becoming one of the fastest growing demographics and medicines are keeping us alive even longer. There is a reasonable chance that my demise at the age of 101.5 is not a joke.

Financing Your RetirementThere is only one problem: I will have far outlived my retirement funds! When I retired 10 years ago, like most people, I calculated the cost of living on the basis of 60-70 percent pre-retirement income, a foundation still used today. I did all my due diligence with a budget and with the mortgage paid off, and no other debts, I thought that my wife and I were well within the comfort zone of income coming in from investments and pensions.

It wasn’t too long before reality surfaced - nothing drastic, just “things” that were never given a heading in the old budget. More to the point, it was the realization that while our income was more or less fixed, our needs were increasing.

What are your missing items? If you are about to retire, and counting your chickens, listen up! If you are well into retirement, you can just nod and say, “Yup, he’s got that right!” Read the Balance of this excellent article by using this link
<!--StartFragment --> Article by, By George Zador, Reprinted with permission from Senior Living Magazine.

 Ask The Experts:

 Dr. Mark Bigham is a Medical Consultant for both Canadian Blood Services and Fraser Health Authority in British Columbia. 

Hearth Healthy Recipe:

Recipe developed by Emily Richards, PH. Ec. ©Heart and StrokeHealthy Heart Recipe Foundation 2011.

Joke of the Month:

Did You Know:

  • Canada Pension Plan Update
Canada PensionCanada Pension Plan benefits are revised annually. For 2011, they increased by 1.7 percent (for those already receiving CPP benefits) effective January 1, 2011, reflecting the change in the Consumer Price Index (CPI) over the last year. The CPI increased by 1.7 percent in that period, and consequently Canadians already receiving CPP benefits saw their benefits increase by that amount. The maximum CPP retirement benefit for new recipients increased from $934.17 to $960 per month on January 1, 2011. This is calculated based on the Average Yearly Maximum Pensionable Earnings for the past five years.

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and resources benefiting Boomers and Seniors living in or planning to move to Greater Victoria.  

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